Sunday, April 30, 2006


I finished the socks yesterday morning since it was rainy and wet! Got them washed, blocked, dried and took them to the post office this morning and mailed them with the automated system so they will go out first thing in the morning! WOO HOO! No more deadlines until I move. It was nice to get that off of my shoulders.

Friday, April 28, 2006


need.... ....socks........ and I need to find some more boxes and I need to pull out my hair and scream and I think I just need a beer and a night off! LOL. I've been knitting so much the past 48 hours that my finger is doing this weird thing of spasms so I'm taking a break for a few hours. I'm ALMOST DONE!!! Hopefully tomorrow the rainy and cold weather will continue and I can finish up the sock as I'm just about an inch from the toe decrease! YAY! Then it's back to packing...yeah right! B has moved up the 1st moving date (the day in which he will pack a medium uHaul and take off and leave me with the divas for 2.5 weeks. YIKES! The original date was like May 25th , but now it's the 19th! WTF? I just want to be moved already!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

New email...

I've decided that since I'm joining some Knitting groups online that I should have a more generic email that will stay with me while I move so the new email for me is I know, how creative! LOL

3 for 4....

Well as of last night the nasty virus that invaded our house has maimed 3 out of 4 family members. The girls and I have been attacked with the vomitting and diarrhea while B is waiting his turn. YUCK! He was home with Nan yesterday and I'm home with the girls today which is infuriating as I wanted to go to the booksigning with Debbie Stoeller today but can't (Pout). However, I am getting more knitting done and trying to look forward to the MD signing at String of Purls on the 6th. I'm still working on the 2nd rectangle of Em's afghan and my Socks for my Pal are going nicely. Actually this pic is not really all that recent. It's from Sunday night. I've already turned the heel and hope to be finished sometime today or tomorrow.Hope all is well with everyone. We are officially in countdown mode for our move. Em leaves for D!sney W*rld a month from today and we are into the less than 4 weeks of B and Nan moving to Oklahoma. Tomorrow will make 1 month of school left for me so it's all coming rather quickly! I'm ready though.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Whatever this horrednous virus is that's been going around I got it and am feeling superbly crappy. I was in bed for our 24 hours. Hopefully I"ll get to do some knitting fore the weekend it out! YUCK!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

10 minutes of shame....errr....fame...

Currently the school district that I work for Omah@ Public Schools is in the middle of a nasty law that was just passed that would segregate the 1 district into 3 separate districts, one white, one black the other Hispanic. This is just a nightmare that it ever passed. Because of this, the school in which I teach is very famous recently. Tomorrow, if you have cable news FOX look for a piece that will run all day and then on the Shepard Smith show. My school Lewis @nd Clark Middle School will be featured! I hope we make a good showing.

I am officially a knitting "groupie"!

This morning I was reading in the Omaha World Herald that Debbie Stoeller of SnB fame will be visiting a local bookstore next Tuesday in favor of signing her latest book The Happy Hooker as well as any other of her books. I was so thrilled! THEN I found out that my LYS has a new webpage that is totally updated and even has it's own blog. After reading the blog I then found out that Ann and Kay are coming to the store on May 6th! I'm in hog heaven! I have decided that I"ll buy the MD book for myself for Mother's Day so that I can get it signed! Nothing like that ever happens around here in Omaha so I'm so happy! Now if I could just get Stephanie to get her Canadian butt to Nebraska OR to Oklahoma I'd die a happy Knitter! On a side note, I think we will do the dishcloth exchange so look for details in June and tell everyone you know. I think it woudl be something easy and fun. And yes Sharon, I'm sure that you Aussies can participate too! I'd love to send to Austrailia as I'm sure others wouldn't mind either!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Note to Pioggia....

I'm having the darndest time accessing your blog. Any ideas? Please help!


OK, I have a question. Anyone up for a dishcloth exchange? Maybe not now but this summer? I thought it might be fun. I'd arrange it. Any takers?

New books, new projects....

OK, so I've been really wanting to buy the new M/D book, but have been strapped for cash because the move is going to cost a gazillion dollars. I took my audio book back to the library last night and looking what the librarian pulled out of the office for me. It had just come in and I was the first person to check it out! What joy! I completely agree with what the YH said about it. It's just fantastic and I totally recommend it. So while I was looking at it I decided that I needed a nice easy garter stitch project to work on until the move. So I decided that Em needs a Moderne Log Cabin Blanket (page 78). Instead of the tans and plums I'm going to do hers in fuschia, blue, purple and green. It's a total secret and I hope to suprise her sometime when we move to the new house for her new room. It's on size 6 needles and it's going to end up being 60" x 50" which will be a major PITA but I'm game. So I just HAD to pull some yarn out of my stash to start it. I have also decided that I'm only going to work on that and the socks that I need to finish for my pal until we move...oh and maybe a dishcloth... or two...or ten. LOL.


Click on the picture of my beauties if you want to see more from the weekend. Great buy because each dress was just $8.00 at a local department store!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


This is all that remains of my stash....well all that's out anyway. I packed up 6 huge boxes of yarn today and although I knew it was necessary I couldn't help but feel that it was so FINAL. I won't be seeing the lovelys until we are in Oklahoma in June. HMPH!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Well the pink is my attempt at Knitty's Pedicure Socks . I wasn't crazy about the color or the striping so I'm doing my own thing. I still have to make a second sock of my last project to make, but I'm finding that I have "Knitters ADD" and don't want to spend too much time on one project these days. I did however make Em a poncho which is my 1st crochet FO. I know, I know, I've crossed over the "other side" although it was a switch because I was teaching my grandmother to knit on dpns! WOO HOO!

Ok ok ok...

So I'm finally ready and have a spare moment to tell you about my trip since I know, Internet, that you have been waiting with baited breath to hear about it...NOT! We left last Tuesday right after B got done with work. He also had to run to the doctor because he's been having some stomach problems recently which we think are now GERD. We got there late on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I had two interviews out in the country. I got to see some really beautiful country that I'd never seen before (in my home state) as well as the 1st and only Main Street oil well, and a casino that I've heard tons about but I'm thinking good things come in small packages in that particular instance. My camera battery was recharged, but the date wouldn't reset which is why it says 1/1/04. LOL. Needless to say I learned something last Wednesday which was that I am not a good fit for a rural country school anymore...too much time in the "hood" has changed me, not good or bad just different. Thursday was spent with me getting up at the crack of freaking dawn and going to Oklahoma State University for a job fair. I did the browsing in the morning and then interviewed in the afternoon. I ended up having 3 hours of touring and shopping on my hands which was GREAT! Edmond Low Library! The bells were ringing with the fight song as I walked by. It was just even better than when I went there because I didn't have any stress about classes to think about and I was able to enjoy and appreciate the campus again. I had 4 interviews with 4 job offers when I finished. I was really stoked about it all and went ahead and made my mind up that I was going to work for T*lsa Public Schools and took my contract home to look over. On the way back to the ILs my favorite thing about spring in Oklahoma happened. Thunderstorms with tornadoes were dropping everywhere! It was so cool! I had to take lots of sky pictures. We finished up our trip with finding a house to rent (really nice in a fancy neighborhood, but renting from some nice people that just want someone to live in their house) and schools/preschools for Em and Nan. I went to a job fair for people already hired with T*lsa PUblic Schools. I was able to interview principals because my particular expertise are in great demand right now due to grant funding. So I left the job fair with 7 firm job offers to work at certain schools. I had until this Friday to decide but I already did so I'm stoked. I'll be the Science Specialist at an at-risk 100% poverty elementary school in North T*lsa. I'm thrilled because it's a place where I can definitely make a difference because I"ll be teaching PK - 5th grade students science only! WOO HOO! After leaving the job fair I stopped by a park and took some beautiful pictures of the flowers that would have been only better if the girls were with me. Then we went to my grandparent's house for my grandmother's birthday. I was able to get one of the socks finished and I did a little crocheting with the instruction of my grandmother which is something new for me.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Long and winding road...

Just got home a little while ago and am beat. I have lots to share, and will do so in the next few days, but I'm tired, have lots of unpacking to do and I have to go back to work here it is. F&F afghan was finished, given to my grandmother for her birthday today and she was thrilled! I found a job, was offered 4 jobs, haven't decided what to do yet. We are moving though, and soon (6 weeks or less YIKES). We have a house (YEAH!) and the kids' schools have been situated, however I know that I"ll be walking into some sticky IL situations. More later! THanks for all the good wishes here and on email! It is appreciated!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

On the road again...

It seems as though we just went to Oklahoma, however that was in February, yet only 6 weeks ago. We are leaving today after the kidlets are done with school. Probably will put us there around midnight or a little later. We are going to a place called Bartlesville that would be on the right forehead of our little friend above (thanks to Nataliedee). There will be lots of job interviews and hopefully lots of job offers (trying not to get my hopes up). There will probably be even more houses that we will look at and *cross your fingers* one we will decide to choose as our own. I'll be going back to Stillwater to my alma mater so hopefully there will be lots of pictures with my knitting while we are there. I will tell you that before I became a Knitter I HATED the car trips, but now I see them as a great time to knit....unless I have to drive which I'm hoping I don't! Knit on!

Monday, April 03, 2006


When is the new issue of Knitty going to come out? I'm ready for some new patterns! I'm impressed with the new Mag Knits issue, but it's got a lot of little projects for cooler climates. When when when???

Knitta please .....

Leigh Witchel has found this AWESOME rap which is now on my MP3 for good. It's called Knitta Please! by Mike Bryant. It's a free download and totally worth it!

Afghans, orbs and socks oh my!

OK, here it is in all it's kind of glory. I haven't blocked it yet, but that's coming. I'm not sure you can see, but those little white arrows are pointing to orbs that are on the picture around Nan. I'm a bit believer in orbs. This made me feel so good because I like to think that my great grandmother and other deceased relatives were around me at during the knitting of my very first afghan. I will tell you that I'm not really into trying to do another one any time soon. This one measured 66 x 66 unblocked. I'm really excited to see how much my grandmother loves it.

On another note, I'm working on Sharon's Feather and Fan Socks.
For me they are knitting up rather slowly, but that's because I think I have TONS on my mind. I've made them for my big feet, but we will see. I'm not sure what yarn this is other than Bernat Sox. Maybe I"ll work on it some on my way to Oklahoma tomorrow.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

This just in.....

The Feather and Fan Afghan is FINISHED! Going to block today! Pictures when Blogger decides to cooperate, which unfortunately is not right now.