Monday, March 26, 2007

Programming change...

Oh! I forgot the best news of the Spring Break. We decided that since Mr. Outdoors and I don't go out much and our "entertainment" budget goes untouched each month, that we upgraded our satellite programming. Now we get some new good channels for the kids that we approve of, a few movie channels, all of Mr. Outdoors hunting/fishing/manly channels and I GOT DIY!!!!

I'm so excited that I can now watch Knitty Gritty!

If you already have DIY, here's a few announcements I found while I was surfing.
The Yarn Harlot will be on April 17 at 1:00 pm and Cookie A will be on with her toe up socks on April 4th at 1:00 pm (CST)

If you want to check out all the new episodes go here.

Uh oh.... Belated Blogoversary....

Well, since my Internet connected at home was sketchy, I missed my 1 year Blogoversary here at The Procrastiknitter. My first post on this blog was March 19th, 2006. Wow, a lot has happened in the past year. I used to have another knitting blog called Knitting in the Heights. It was so named because I lived in a neighborhood in Nebraska called Washington Heights. Since last year my knitting has really come along and we have gone from moving to Oklahoma and the job search and a new job and everything this year. It's been crazy.

Well there is more craziness on the way. We will be breaking ground on our new house on April 1st (hopefully, cross fingers) and I am currently looking for another job. I have resigned my position as a science specialist at my current school. I am looking for a job in the town where I live (to cut down on the 35 minute commute and my ever increasing gas budget and to help with Nan's issues with school). If I don't find one that I want, then I'll come back to the school here in TUlsa , but probably teaching 3rd grade.

Well on to some knitting news. I finished all 80 squares of Nan's blanket and have crocheted 75% of it together. I have also finished the border on one side. I'll have pictures later. I spent most of my spring break attached to that darn blanket. Nan is getting more and more excited and more and more impatient. When I had crocheted just 2 strips together she decided that that was enough and she was happy. She wanted it to be 16 inches wide and 72 inches long! LOL. This blanket has really taken it out of me and I'm not sure that I have it in me anytime soon for another afghan. I had planned to start on the Tree of LifeAfghan for my cousin's wedding in July, but I just don't think I have it in me. I really don't want it to turn into the Harlot's Green Afghan (If you haven't read the story, you really really need to it's hilarious). So I think that I'll just save it for another day, and give them money or do something else creative. I am thinking of doing some smaller projects. I would really like to start by making The Monica tank top for both girls. I found the cutest skirt for Nan in the newest issue of Creative Knitting.

Another reason why I don't really want to do the afghan is because I'm on a mission to lose weight. Currently I'm 5'7" and weigh 176 pounds. I have a small frame so this is a lot on me. I also have some health problems that are starting to become exacerbated by the fact that I'm gaining weight. I had a doctor's appointment last week where I was told that the reason I was having feet problems, and headaches and joint pain had a lot to do with the way that I was eating and my weight gain. So it's time to lose some weight. My goal weight is 150. 26 pounds in a little less than 4 months. I would like to be out of a tight size 14 or loose size 16 and be able to feel better and look better for the said wedding in July. Also, my blood pressure was WAY up, my cholesterol was not at a healthy level so I need to do it for me and for my health., so I can be a better mom to the girls. With that being said, I also found this from the Spring issue of Interweave Knits that I would like to make for myself. So If I am down to 161 by the 1st part of June then I'll make it for myself to wear for the rehearsal dinner.

Anywho, sorry for such a long post. I just have been so bottled up with blogging, but unable to do it. Plus it rained for most of my spring break. YUCK! Now, just counting the days until May 31st and the last day of school. WOO HOO!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

2 weeks worth of knitting...

Ok, I know there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting content around here lately, however there has been knitting happening, just not a lot of picture taking, or picture uploading. 1/2 of the Dale Earnhardt Jr. #8 dishcloth that I'm working on . Hope to finish it sometime today.
Mitered squares..
and more mitered squares....

Em's Cape is done! WOO HOO! I just need to block and get a button for it this week.

Last weekend playing with the dogs on the swing set. Cowboy loves to climb the ladder and then slide down the slide.
We are laying low this week. I'm off as are the girls and I'm just looking forward to a lot of knitting time.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Overload, but in a good way!

There is a TON of great TV for the next 4 days! Today alone, starts the first day of March Madness (at roughly 11amCST). Then the bball festivities finish through the evening, as well as a BRAND NEW GREYS ANATOMY, and a new ACE of Cakes. If you haven't seen Ace of Cakes, it is a great show. Our whole family loves it, but we TiV* it for the girls and they watch it later. Friday is more Bball, more bball on Saturday with a NASCAR Busch Race and then even MORE basketball with the NASCAR Nextel Cup race. And you know the best part of all of this?????? Spring Break is only a day away! WOO HOO!
We are doing a basketball pool here at work and I'm in charge of it, so it is an excuse for me to be watching bball in between classes! LOL. On a knitting note, it's been slow here. I'm really working hard to get Nan's mitered squares done quickly. I have to start an emergency project ASAP. Mr. Outdoor's aunt needs a prayer shawl. She has asked for one in fact. Last week she went to the Doctor because she looked pregnant and had pain. She thought she just might have some bad fibroids. Ended up her uterus was full of tumors, her one kidney is completed engulfed in a fast growing tumor and she has another spot on her spine. They were going to do surgery yesterday and when she was on the operating table, she had a heart attack and almost died. Apparently, just a few hours before her surgery she was told that the tumor on her kidney was cancerous as well as most of the tumors in her uterus. She is only 48 and the mother of a 15 yo boy. They live near us. I've had issues with my MIL and her family, but Aunt D and her husband Uncle L have never been anything but kind and sweet to me and my family. So I'm looking for a pretty, but quick prayer shawl pattern. I'd love if it has a little bit of decoration. I have just the yarn. I've looked over at Knitting Pattern Central but nothing tripped my trigger.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm still here...

Still here, and knitting some. Just trying to get some things in order around here so I won't be quite so overwhelmed. I'm trying to get a lot of things accomplished so that I can rename Spring Break (starts Friday at 2:45, not that I'm counting down or anything) Knitting Break. I have a lot of goals to accomplish (knitting wise) over Spring Break.

I'm also trying to get myself in order. Which is a whole other story LOL.

Friday, March 09, 2007

My love...

Ok, so I've slacked off a bit on the knitting! LOL. Who'da figured! I promised myself that I would make 2 squares a day for Nan's blanket, however I skipped Wednesday, so I only have 6 in 4 days. I'll hopefully make it up this weekend, but who knows.

This is my Christmas! March Madness is starting, NASCAR is in full swing and I'm set. I have quite a few guilty pleasures. I'll list a few of the less embarrassing ones.

2. College Basketball (mainly Creighton, Oral Roberts University and of course my 1st love, Oklahoma State).
3. Gangsta' Rap (LOVE it)
4. Big Band Music
5. mini makeovers (or as I call it, "SPA night" where I put on my PJ's at like 4 in the afternoon. Take a shower, exfoliate, paint my nails, put on a face mask, color my hair, and watch above mentioned sports. I screen my calls, and although sometimes I have 2 little girls doing it with me, sometimes I pawn them off on their grandparents so I can indulge.

What are some of your guilty pleasures (by the way this is not a Meme, but feel free to post in the comments or on your own blog)?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Buck, mouse, and snaggletooth, not in that order....

For anyone interested, this is the view from my knitting chair. I'm seriously thinking about a nice girlie hat or even better the suggested blind fold!

Em pulled out her 1st upper tooth on Sunday. It was a big event and she's been talking a little funny (lisp) since then, but it's so darn cute! She's been looking over my shoulder at the new Knitty and has already requested Monica in a couple of shades of pink.
Here is my costume from last Friday's storybook event at work. I was just loving it. The kids at school got quite a kick out of it. As did my own children.


Knitty is up! Knitty is up! So excited! LOL.

For Katt....

My dear friend Katt was looking for some vest patterns for kids. Here ya go sweetie!

If anyone out there has more to add, let me know!

Monday, March 05, 2007


Ok, since I didn't get a chance to get a picture of our newest addition to our family. I'll just show the old picture. This is Mr. Outdoor's deer. He had it mounted and it now sits in our living room. I hate hunting. It's just how I feel about it. I know it's necessary and if Mr. Outdoor's wants to do it that's fine, he just violated the one of the two cardinal rules of our marriage.

1. If you cheat on my you will find an appendage removed from your body the locks changed and your clothes out on the lawn.

2. There will NEVER EVER be any formerly alive animals in my house.

Not only do we have the deer (which is huge) in the house, but it's in the living room and the way he has it on the wall it stares at me from my favorite knitting chair. I'm certain he did it on purpose, but that' s just me.

I'm over being crabby with him. I'm also certain that PMS has been visiting me since late last week so I'll just blame it on either Premenstrual Syndrome, or the other PMS (Pissy Man Syndrome).

On the knitting front, I've been getting quite a bit done, well, quite a bit since we have been really busy with work, and kid stuff this week (more busy than usual). I have decided to come up with a plan to finish Nan's blanket (1/2 way done, 40 more to go).

  • On each weekday I will commit myself to finishing 2 squares.
  • On the weekend I will commit myself to 3 squares.
  • Any time after the squares are finished on a particular day I am allowed to work on something else (Em's cape).

Also my grandmother's birthday looms. While I had thought about a purse, after visiting yesterday it's quite clear that she doesn't need/want a purse. I was thinking along the lines of something pretty to put on a table (a doilie) or something to put on the back of a wooden chair. If I had time (her birthday is April 9th, but I would have until the 14th) I would make a shawl in a white or ecru lace weight yarn that she could put somewhere pretty, but I don't think I have the time. Any suggestions?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Wow, you guys were right!

I finished up the costume last night and I"ll have to take some pictures later of it. I have already had quite a few nice comments about my nosewarmer and my tail (I-cord). The girls and I made a giant cookie for me to wear around my neck.
On other news.... the new MagKnits is up! WOO HOO! The only thing that would make my life better is if the new Knitty were up too! LOL.
ON a side note... have you ever heard "glass half empty, glass half full"? Well what happens when your cup runeth over and not in a good way? I believe that there is such a thing as trying to cram so much in your brain that eventually things start to run out your ear or something. This week has been hallacious (is that a word?). It's not been that bad or anything (well except for the vomitting and diahrea on Tuesday) but it's just been insanely busy. I haven't gone to bed before 1am this week and I've been getting up at 5:45am. No biggie, I've done it loads before, but this week just seems like it's non-stop for some reason. Maybe it's because we have a new addition to our home that is irritating me (I have to post the picture and no I'm not pregnant). Or possibly it's just because there has been a lot of errand running. I dont' know. I think the main thing here is that Mr. Outdoors just does as he pleases and I don't get a lot of help with things at home. He says it's because he's so laid back, but I'm pretty sure it's because he's so darn lazy..hee....hee...hee.
I just find it funny that when I forget something he goes on an annoying tirade about how I have to be on the ball and yada yada yada, but somehow it escapes everyone that they knew about it too and didn't help me or remind me.
Case in point this morning. Yesterday I went to work, came back to town, picked up Nan, went to pick up Em, had 10 minutes to get everyone ready for soccer, went to soccer and coached and watched Nan, Mr. Outdoors came and got Nan, came home, made dinner, ate dinner, picked up the dinner, went to go get dog food (something I forgot), put all the laundry away, vacuumed, cleaned both bathrooms and the kitchen, helped Em with homework, made the cookie for my costume, made snacks, made phone calls for soccer, and cleaned up a spilled cherry Kool-aid incident. All from the time 3:30 - 8:00. Then after everyone went to bed, I finished my costume, graded papers for 3 hours, unloaded and re-loaded the dishwasher, took a shower, did more laundry, put together some lesson plans, unclogged a clogged toliet, cleaned up the mess from the clogged toliet (that no one said a thing about), and finally knitted a squre on Nan's blanket before going to bed.
Now, I'm not complaining, really I'm not. I'm also very aware that other people have this life too. However, this morning when I was en route to work Mr. Outdoors calls me and says, "Did you bake those 3 dozen cupcakes for the school carnival last night?" and I say, "No I completely forgot" to which he replies, "Well what in the Heck did you do all night?" and is serious I come just slightly unhinged! LOL. Especially when he got off of work at 5:30, picked up Nan for me at soccer practice, went home, watched the news, ate the dinner I fixed and then left without helping to clear the table to go get something in town, came home after the girls were tucked into bed, sat on the couch and watched TV, called a buddy and then went to bed at 10pm.
I am so going to go out with the girls this evening when I get a chance, but instead of cropping, I'm hoping to take my knitting.