Sunday, August 19, 2007

Whew! It's been a little while....

longer than I would have hoped. I could blame it on Ravlery but that wouldn't be nice, as it's been a little more complicated than that.

The girls started school on the 15th. Em is in 3rd grade and Nan started full day pre-K. It was a big day made even bigger by the fact that I also started the new job on the 15th. Well I've been going to many meetings, but my first day with students was Wednesday. I have 17 in my 5th grade class. 11 girls (who mostly like to talk all day LOL) and 6 boys (most of which are medicated ADHD). They are all very sweet and smart in their own way! It's been a good 3 days with them. Talk to me in January. I am however in love with the 10 minute commute I have everyday! It's nice to be around and get to know other teachers that live in town. I've been invited to a few get togethers, but haven't been able to make any.

The house is coming along, but now we are just waiting....for the a/c guy to install the a/c, the electrician to wire, the bricklayers to brick, and for the garage door to get here soon. I'm really starting to get rather nervous that we will be able to get in and have Christmas in the house. I'm thinking more like the middle of January and hopefully not in an ice or snowstorm! LOL.

On the knitting front there HAS been knitting!! WOO HOO!

I've been knitting on the MS3 and am 1/2 way through Clue 4, which is amazing to me that I've gotten this far. It will be a Christmas gift, so I think I have time!

I've been working on a pair of "hunting socks" for Mr. Outdoors for his birthday...or Christmas. I haven't decided yet which they will be for. I'm kind of making them up as I go which is really new for me. I just hope I have enough yarn when I'm done!

This is the beginning of an Irish Hiking Scarf. I will most likely be a Christmas gift. I'm in the mood to start working on Christmas so I don't get overwhelmed (yeah right) in case we are moving or packing or both. But I am resigning myself to not knitting for any more birthdays except possible for Mr. outdoors'.

As far as the dyeing goes, I'm getting back into the swing, just trying to organize myself so that I'll have some time to complete.

I hope to have some time to stop by blogs soon! ((HUGS))

Friday, August 10, 2007

Inheritance stash....

I received the above yarn from my chidren's great great grandmother. That's right, she is going to be 100 on the 27th of August and we call her "Maw Maw". She is just PERFECT! She used to crochet a lot when she was younger, you know in her early 90's. She recently moved out of her home of her own accord. She moved into an assisted living apartment in Tulsa, coolest thing is her little brother (he's only 96) lives next door to her. It was her idea and she is loving it. There was a garage sale last weekend. Before the garage sale I was told that she wanted to give me "a little bit of scrap yarn" that she had. This was her entire stash. There is a lot of ancient wool and acrylic (some bought in the early 80's and late 70's).

This calls for an acrylic project for her. I wanted to do something for her by her birthday, but I don't think that is possible with the new job, our new schedule and building the house. So I'm hoping to make either a nice cardigan (with some of the wool) or a blanket (with the acrylic).

I love inheritance stash, even when it is kind of sad, I enjoy the memories and the love that comes from the stash. Mr. Outdoors thinks that I'm a total spaz when it comes to this, but who care because he is not a Knitter. LOL.

Way to go Winnie Cooper!

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Fawkes Socks are FINISHED!

and ready to be given as gifts! YAY!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Actual knitting pictures...

MS 3 through clue 3. It's coming along, but very very very very slowly.

A birthday gift I'm working on called Fawkes. It's from HP. You can find the pattern over on Knitting Pattern Central It's been a fun one to knit and knits quickly. There is also a Bellatrix and a Nagini.

Nan went to meet her teacher today for Pre-Kindergarten. She is so excited. Ms. H seems like a very nice person even though she is a really new teacher.

Oh and just a little sidenote, I got into Ravelry, but it's know biggie....yeah right! LOL. I wasted too much time today over there already. If you are on, my screenname is RachelH.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

House pictures...


Oh hell yeah I'm antsy! I checked the list at Ravelry and here is what I found.

Found you!
You signed up on June 8, 2007
You are #7795 on the list.
42 people are ahead of you in line.
15116 people are behind you in line.
33% of the list has been invited so far

While I'm awaiting my invite which I hope to come tomorrow, I did find something to add to my HP obsession. It's over at socktopia

I didn't find the patterns there, but if you go to Knitting Pattern Central you will find that there are Fawkes socks, Bellatrix socks and Nagini socks! WOO HOO! I'm working on Fawkes right now and although it calls for 2 circulars, I'm just using 4 DPNs instead and the pattern goes really quickly! I'm hoping to finish them for a birthday gift for this coming week.

On another note, I haven't been knitting all that much, even though I'm actually finally working on Clue 4 of the MS3. It's crunch time here at Chez Procrastiknitter. I start back to meetings for my new job on Tuesday, Nan meets with her new Pre-K teacher tomorrow and school starts for reals on the 15th. Also, we have been working on our house....ALOT. Now it's not just concrete, but a real house that has been framed, has a roof, windows, door and will have shingles on it by the end of the week. We have also worked in the evenings at getting the plumbing roughed in and I've been learning an awful lot about home construction. I'll hope to get some pictures out tonight, or early tomorrow.

I also apologize for not coming by everyone's blogs. I'm going to try to get to some of them this evening.