Friday, June 30, 2006

Peace out....

We are on day 27 of living with the in-laws and I'm just not planning a move anytime soon. Then when it happens I'll be pleasantly suprised. We are now living for B's family reunion at the lake. It will be TONS of his family tomorrow, but we are staying there tonight through Tuesday morning. Then the girls and I are taking off for the other side of the lake to see my grandparents and my aunt R from Nebraska. We will stay there until I get the call (could be a week or more) that it is time for us to move. I'm physically, mentally and emotionally spent here and everyone is just sick of everyone else. It's just better. I'll be computer-less for at least the next week. HAve a happy 4th of July to all the Americans out there and to the rest of you just have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

THe Mega bag....

Before felting...... (excuse Nan's attire, or lack thereof)After felting!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Purses, spinning and lace oh my!

OK so it's been much busier than I thought, lately. Below is the lace trim for the bottom of the skirt I'm working on which I should just go ahead and make smaller because my the time I'm finished with it it will fit Em. Next up is the behemoth bag I've been working on for MIL. It will be felted later on, I'm just using good old, reliable Lion Brand Wool for this bag. If it works out ok and doesn't look too retarded then I'll do another one in black, red and white (BIL's kids' school colors) in the Cascade 220 that I have.
THe last picture here is of my first attempt at hand spinning. Linda a friend of my ILs took me under her wing this afternoon and taught be the beginnings of handspinning. It was GREAT! I was so excited!It's a little harder than I thought but I still LOVE it!
UPdate on the house situation. Current move out date for the current occupants of the house is Saturday July1st. Which means that we will be hopefully moving the 2nd. I'm not going to get my hopes up by any means, however it's nice to hopefully have a date in site because I'm on day 24 here and B is on 1 month and 1 week.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm home....

and I found the Mother Ship! I have been working harder than I'm pretty sure I've ever physically worked, out in the heat, and learning that this manual labor thing is much harder than it looks. I've been working with B and FIL in the wonderful world of Custom Home Building. I did that yesterday and then came pack to the refugee camp and mowed the 3 acre yard and then weed-eated and I was ready for the ICU I was so tired. Then I remembered that there was a Knit-in across town and finally got the wherewithall to go. I'm SO glad that I did. It was a fabulous time and I met a bunch of great ladies! I can hardly wait for the next one on Monday. I came home smiling and B laughed at me and said, "I can tell you finally found your Mother Ship"

Monday, June 19, 2006

THe Procrastiknitter's Weekend Update....

This weekend started with a trip to my new LYS Loops. The girls love it because of their playroom and I love it because it is perfectly yummy there. I picked up some Cascade to continue making some felted purses. I also decided to be adventurous and to make the skirt below, but in black and hot pink. It would be great for late summer as that is when it will probably be done. I then picked up the July 2006 edition of Creative Knitting and found these little tops that are made out of Sugar and Cream.
and found that they take about th esame time to knit as a dishcloth and made one for Nan.
The color in the picture is tres crappy but this is obviously before felting. It was a great color with blues, greens and purples. I hope that it will be a gift for a friend for her birthday (said friend reads the blog so I won't devulge who).
After the LYS we went to see our bestest little boy Booter (my best friend's son). He loves the girls and they love him. He just turned 2 on June 10th and loves to tell a joke LOL.
We capped off the weekend with Father's Day dinner at the IL's house with B, FIL, MIL, BIL, his wife and two kids, and B's grandfather and grandmother. It was nice, relaxed and fun. This week starts hell week. I will be cleaning houses for my FIL this week and hopefully by Sunday we will be ready to move out of the refugee camp and into our own home!

Happy Father's Day to B!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Wanna know a secret.....

The YARN HARLOT is coming....the YARN HARLOT is coming to OKlahoma City on July 25th. I'm so excited I almost peed my pants....almost! LOL.

A plethora of purses.....

THis is my sock knitting bag. It needs a little reforming, but it's smaller than the button whole bag below and just the right size to fit over my wrist and to carry a ball of sock yarn and needles. After seeing my button hole bag, my SIL decided that she wanted a larger one made and with a larger arm hole. This is right after felting.
My very first felted bag. It's the Mason Dixon Button Hole bag and it knit up very very quickly. I used Lambs Pride Worsted Weight for the pink and cream bags and cascade for the black and red bag.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Well I have felted not one but two bags, and I'm about ready to finish the 3rd. I just mailed out my SP8 1st goodie bag and am feeling rather confident in the knitting area of my life. THe rest is in complete disarray. The June 25th deadline is now nonexistent and we are looking more towards July 1st if we are lucky. It's been a really good money saver for us. but has been taking a toll on us mentally. THe girls and I are starting to crack. Em is very much a quiet little bug who likes her alone time. Having all 4 of us in a room together plus not getting to play much without her sister is making her act out quite a bit. Nan is doing ok, just a little confused and playing the Mommy vs. Grammy game. We have officially been displaced as a family for 1 month tomorrow. I just retreat to my area of the pit group in the living room where I tune all else out and knit. However, last night and today were the only real times that I"ve been able to do that anyway. We are just going to keep up with Em going to Vacation Bible Schools, Nan going to preschool playgroup, and doing a craft at home each day. TOmorrow we should get to go to the library again and check out some different books. I'm so tired of whining or at least sounding like it. I'm really not a whiny type of anyone....except my grandmother! LOL.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Wedding.....

5 generations above. THe girls, B, his dad, grandparents, and his great-grandmother.
THe 4 of ous! We haven't had one of those since almost a year and a half ago. I look severely underdressed, but you can't see the beads on the tank top OR the ruffled long skirt I'm wearing either.

It was hot, hot, hot. B's cousin had his wedding outdoors at a place called Prairie Song. It was beatufiul but at 4pm on a Oklahoma June afternoon, it was hot and humid and just YUCK! All of B's dad's side of teh family was there and it was wonderful to see everyone...but it was HOT!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Button-hole bag....

This is the button-hole bag from MD. I'm working on this for myself. It is the first project that I've ever made for myself. Well, I intend to keep it for myself, but I'm sure I'll end up giving it to someone else. It isn't felted yet because I'm making a smaller one for a sock- knitting purse. We are still living at the in-laws. THis is day 6 for me. Actually only day 4 because I went to my grandparents' house for a few days. It sounds like 2 weeks from today we will be moving in our house...hopefully. I miss sleeping in the same bed as my husband and not in the same room as my children! LOL. (We all sleep in the same room, sleeping buddies differ with each night) Tomorrow is the big wedding! B's cousin Cody is getting married. Both Cody and his fiance are but just wee babies (21 and 20). It is going to be an outside country wedding at 4pm in the afternoon with a forecasted temperature of over 100 degrees. Pictures later!

Dishcloths galore....

I have been on a ballband wash cloth frenzy as of late. All due to that lovely blue book I think I have made about 20-25 of these and find them very useful while in a pinch for time or knitting inspiration. They also have been fabulous gifts for my ex-coworkers, MIL, grandmother and the like. I took the pattern a bit further and am still trying to figure out how I want to make the "stars" for the flag. Fran at the LYS in Grove told me that I need to do french knots, I thought about buttons, but can't find 50 small white star buttons that would look decent. Any ideas? I'm open to suggestions.

Lilee Ann and Em!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Eagle has landed....

Well we are here! We are in OKlahoma. E, the dog and I made it in just under 8 hours. I'm glad to finally be here, however, I feel like we are in a family-type refugee camp. It's hard to live at someone else's house especially for 2 weeks or more. With the girls and the dog I feel like a constant intruder in the IL's routine and have tried to be quite helpful, but it ends up being much more like resentment. *sigh*. This is just a process that we are going to have to get through and it's not forever. I hope to get some time to knit in the next few days. Tomorrow is a trip to Tulsa to my new job and to sign some paperwork.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The countdown has been continuing and now it's time for blast off! Em will be home late tonight from Orlando, and then we will set off for Oklahoma tomorrow to finally be a family. Well, an update to the whole "travel trailer" situation. It's been sold by B's grandparents, so instead we will be living with his parents for hopefully just 2 weeks. I'm not necessarily sure if the girls and I will be there the entire time. We might take off to my grandparents' house at the lake for some of those days. ILs are not too happy about the new member of our family. I received Lilee Ann as a going away present from a lady at work yesterday. She is a 3 month old Jack Russell Terrier puppy. Em and B know about the dog, but Nan will be completely suprised. It will be interesting traveling 600 miles with a 6.5 y/o, a puppy, and a van full of crap!

On the knitting front, I have been doing quite a bit. However, with no way to upload pictures (I'm using the public library computers) until tomorrow you'll just have to take my word for it. I found a super easy pattern at Lion Brand Yarn's website and made the Royal Pet Afghan for her. I'll probably finish it sometime today. I also have been making a TON of the Mason Dixon Warsh Rags. In fact, there were 13 of them. I only have one left however because I wrapped them up and put soap in them and gave them as presents to staff members that I'll miss. I ahve a list of things I need to do for gifts this summer:
  • More warshrags
  • a few more chemo caps (I finished one before the moving fiasco started)
  • a pair of socks for my friend Barb (my best girlfriend here in Nebraska)
  • a pair of socks for my friend Mary Lou (the lady who gave me an AKC puppy for FREE)
  • a baby kimono
  • some fun things for the girls

Well that is all until tomorrow night. I'll probably get some online time depending on how late I get in to town. Could my spoiler from SP8 drop me a line on my gmail? I have some updated information to send you!