Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Less than 500....

Woo hoo, I think my invite for Ravelry will be here in the next week! WOO HOO! There are only 490 ahead of me. I'm trying to knit as much as possible because I know once I get my invite there won't be much knitting for awhile.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Back to Bloggin'...

Ok It really didn't take me this long to read the new HP book. I started it on Wednesday evening at 8pm and finished it Thursday evening at about midnight. I'm a quick reader and I couldn't put it down. After I got done reading, however, there was a lot that I had not done around the house. Friday - Saturday were spent cleaning up and getting ready for Mr. Outdoor's homecoming (went fishing in Canada). The wedding was MARVELOUS and lots of fun! Here are a few pictures:

The groom and his Mommy!

Grandma E, Grandma W and my mother R at the rehearsal dinner.

Nan sipping her champagne (aka Sprite) during the toasts! She thought she was such a big girl!

Bride and Groom dancing their first dance.

Em and her reunion with her BFF from Nebraska Kallin.

The Groom (our cousin Toddy) and Nan at the rehearsal dinner.

The girls before the rehersal dinner. I'm confident that Nan reminded me of a small 4 y/o Jackie O.

Em and Nan swimming and being goofy in the hotel pool.

Yarn that was dyed up for Ewe-n-Me in Grove. I'm delighted that it is such a hit there!

This week brings lots of working on our new home in the evening (We have a roof and walls now! WOO HOO!). During the day I'm getting ready for my new foray into 5th grade here in town. Although my first day of school isn't until the 13th, I do have to go to some new teacher (for the district) meetings starting next week. It's about that time. Although we've had a great summer, I'm actually ready to get back to school because hopefully by Winter Break, my house will be ready to move into.

As far as knitting, I have frogged and frogged the MS3. However, I'm working on it and finally almost finished with clue 2!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'm back from our vacation. Got back Sunday night late. I have pictures and knitting to show, but it will have to wait as I'm reading the book right now and really don't want to come up for air! See you after the Epilogue.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Blatherings... in bullets.....

* I have ripped out my MS3 for the 9th time! Grrrr, I'm always having trouble getting past the 1st clue. This could be a sign that it is not for me, but I'm going to keep trying in spite of my inability to do lace.

* I have finished up 40 skeins of yarn for an order to be dropped off on Wednesday before I leave town. I'm so excited by it all!

*MIL and FIL are going through a legal separation, which will be a nasty divorce, after almost 35 years of marriage. So I've been drug through all the drama and nastiness that has been ensuing. It's so hard living in town with it all so public and trying to not get caught in the middle of all of it.

* Packing, packing and more packing for this wedding.

* I have been sucked into two new shows, the first is
The World Series of Pop Culture and then the last is the new show from Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham.It's almost as bad as when I started watching The Girls Next Door! LOL

*School starts in less than a month! EEKS!!!

* I went to the library this morning and was pleasantly suprised to see this book on the new book shelf and quickly checked it out. I love the patterns and can't wait to make a few things from it. If you haven't looked at it you really should!

* And can I just say that I am insanely jealous of all of you that are already on Ravelry!!! You suck! I'm still waiting and I got on the waiting list a month ago. Thanks to their new little tool on the site I found out that there are 1945 ahead of me, but there are 9602 behind me! Although, it's probably good I'm not on it right now as there really isn't that much time for me and I think I would never sleep! LOL

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Potter, Stoles, Cement and Babies Oh My!

*Caution this is a picture heavy post!

Mystery Stole 3, Half way through Clue 1. I need to get it going and catch up with the rest of the group!

Is that a cement truck I see???

We have a floor! Yeah for CONCRETE!

Cousin Charlie Rose! Almost 2 and just as sweet as she can be!

Nan, Charlie and Em! They enjoyed each other so much. It's a shame they only see each other a few times of year!

Baby D (the girls' cousin from California born mid-April)

Outfit for Baby D! See there has been some knitting around here!

The summer is flying by! We have been so water logged, that when it decided to finally quit raining we were not in the house at all hardly. Yarn business is going well. I'm sorry I haven't updated the site in awhile, but truth is, I don't have much to offer online at the moment. I have been working with
Ewe and Me Boutique in Grove, Oklahoma. They are carrying my yarns and they are keeping me very busy with orders. Which is wonderful, but I hope to have some more yarn up for online sales at the beginning of August!

We have a wedding in Nebraska, and the girls and I will be leaving next Wednesday (the 18th) for a few days. It should be a great time! Mr. Outdoors will not be going with us (grump), but instead going to Canada fishing with the male members of his family for 10 days.

We do now have a concrete floor for our house! WOO HOO! HOpefully here will be a roof, and walls before too long. I have also decided to join Mystery Stole 3! It is so fun, but I'm a little behind and just mid way through the first clue.

We also had some family from California visiting. The girls enjoyed it so much!

Last night I saw the new HP movie! It was fanastic! I will be seeing it again soon I hope!

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Sounds of Silence...

Ok, well only here on the blog,not in real life. I've been busy dyeing and trying to get some new colors. I've been spinning with a friend of mine and now have a business partner.

Anyway, about 95% of the time I've been trying to figure out how to occupy my 7.5 y/o and my 4.5 y/o girls without going outside. We have had measureable rain everyday for the past month. My dear friend Linda introduced Em to card weaving and then Nan was doing some cardboard weaving.

We also have a ton of pictures from the Flooding. If you have heard of COffeyville, KS and all they are going through we are only about 30 minutes southwest. We are having our own flooding issues due to all of the rain from here and from the north. The flood waters are supposed to crest later this afternoon. I took the pictures last night and this morning, but the water has all gone up since then. We are fine because we live on the highest point in town.

Click here for the slideshow.