Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow day...Knitting Day...

So the Winter Storm started Wednesday night with some sleet and ice. We were lucky here north of Tulsa as we didn't get much precipitation that actually stuck. However, today was a snow day so no school for me or the girls. Today was spent doing some chores (laundry, vacuuming, dusting) but mostly me tending to the fireplace and knitting while neighborhood kids wandered in and out of the house. Part one of the storm started around 8pm Wednesday night and ended about 2pm Thursday afternoon. We eventually ended up with abotu 2.5 inches or so of ice. YUCK!
I was able to get a scarf for Norma's Red Scarf Project completed. Just a normal garter stitch scarf from Li*n Brand Homespun. I was stashbusting as I couldn't leave today to get to H*bby L*bby!
Also completed were two hats and a scarf for the Soaring Eagles Project that I am organizing!

edited to add that there were also two headbands that were finished as well for the SEP.

I'm fairly certain that I'm staring down the barrel end of a 4 day weekend. The weathermen are saying that we could get 12-20 inches of snow on top of all this ice so school tomorrow is highly unlikely. Also, a cool fact is that the eastern part of Oklahoma has never been in a Blizzard Warning until tonight! SWEET (although my neighbors are blaming me for bringing the cold blizzard from Nebraska! LOL).

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Crossing my fingers...

Today started with a crazy day at work. It was 75 degrees F at 7am when I left for work. When I returned home at 3:30pm it was 31 degrees F! Crazy day. There is a nasty storm coming....well it's kind of already here, but I decided to make a run to H*bby L*bby to get some new DPNs as well as some sewing essentials to do some mending. I HAD to pick this up. For a change, I actually did not open it up before I bought it! Then I was pleasantly suprised! There are some great sweater (easy but nice looking) patterns, but also 12 scarf patterns and then this just a little too late. LOL.
I cleaned the house like a maniac and now my knitting and I are waiting impatiently to see if there is school tomorrow. The girls' school is already out, but I'm praying for tomorrow to be out. I have plenty of essentials for food and entertainment for the girls, and then my knitting and I hope to have a day long date.
The news boys are telling us that there are two storms coming. One is already here and it's a major ice storm and then the possibility of up to 15 inches of snow in the next 36 hours. At first I was praying that school was out tomorrow, but now I think I'm praying that we have power, because it's thundering, lightening, and ICING! We are coming down to the wire on the Soaring Eagles Project. So far (as of today we are up to 90 hats) We only have less than 3 weeks and I'm starting to get a little nervous! So spread the word for me. I'm so estatic about how well the ladies that have volunteered have responded and how hard they had worked. I just don't want anyone to not be included at my school.

Anyway, tomorrow will be dedicated 1/2 to the SEP and 1/2 to my holiday knitting because both have been neglected recently! I had to rip out Lucie because the Medium was just too darn big. So I ripped out the entire back which I had finished and had to start again. I'm about 1/2way done with the back for the 2nd time.

I really need some Knitting Goddess love and a little love from the power company that I'll keep it this week! LOL.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pictures....pets....puzzles...and stuff...

We are obviously back home. I'm sad to say that there was not much knitting content going on over the weekend. There were lots of puppies, although I missed my own though. The girls and I had a decent time.

These are my aunt's dogs, Lady, Rosey, and Eddie.
Em and Nan playing puzzles and Memory Match Up with their cousin La-La!
Nan cuddles up with Eddie!
Nan and her "GiGi" (my uncle's mother who loves to be called "GiGi" for Great-Grandmother).
A typical picture of my male relatives after Thanksgiving dinner. All of them are asleep. (From left my grandfather, center is my cousin, and then my uncle at the right)
My cousin T and his fiancee Jess have a new baby...beagle named Maverick!
La-La with her baby Rosey
The girls eating and waiting for Santa to arrive on the Macy's THanksgiving Day parade.

The deer that Mr. Outdoors shot last week. It was close to the county record.
Now it's back to work and hopefully back to knitting. Currently I'm working on networking the family computers as I got a new one over the weekend which was on MAJOR sale, however I paid the additional price by standing outside the store for 6 hours and then waiting in line to pay for it for an additional 4.5 hours! But that's for another day!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

On the road again.....

Road trip to my aunt's house in Nebraska. We are leaving tonight to go to my grandparents' house and then we will leave in 2 vehicles tomorrow morning at 5am. This will be the first time we have been back to Nebraskas since we moved in May. It's just the girls and I as Mr. Outdoors never spends Thanksgiving with us because it's always in the middle of deer season (rifle). I thought that maybe he would go with us anyway as he got his deer ( and a HUGE one at that) on Sunday, but he wants to stay here. I'm rather disappointed as I wanted some knitting time in the car like I get when he drives. However, I"ll just make due the best I can.
Knitting has been slow around here to say the least. There has been lots of Christmas decorating, buying of Christmas gifts (for some of my needier students) as well as putting up the dreaded Christmas lights on the roof (all by myself) and the endless soccer tournament on Saturday.
My focus has now been turned to THanksgiving with the family that I miss horribly and a great Black Friday spent shopping with my girlfriends that I miss as well.
I need teh knitting goddess to shine down on me with some divine determination. ANyone else with me?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Which Positive Quality Are You?
Your Result: Charity

You are Charity. The spirit of giving has been promoted by every religion. Charity is kindness. It is compassion for our fellow man. Charity doesn't ask anything in return, and in this way it serves as the opposite of greed. "Be charitable with many."

Which Positive Quality Are You?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Poor, poor, digicam....

Well, my old (just bought in Sept'05) digicam is now in digicam heaven, or hell, as you might prefer. I have a new K*dak Easy Share. So now I can FINALLY show some knitting pics! WOO HOO! If you are a member or are following the Soaring Eagles Project there are quite a few new pictures over there too of the hats I've received in the past two weeks! So what I have I been up to? Really? Well of course I've been knitting hats for my kids at school!
Always working on those MD warshrags as they are the favorite of all the grandmothers in our families.
3xs chic sweater from Knitty, still waiting to be blocked and seamed.
Branching Out scarf, also from Knitty, ALSO waiting to be blocked!

This is the VERY beginning of the Lucie sweater for my grandmother's Christmas present. I'm knitting it in Wool of the Andes 100% Alpaca, color 01 . The picture doesn't really do the yarn justice as it is much darker and richer than it looks.

No title, just....too....tired! LOL.

OK, so I'm back, well kind of. My PC totally died on me on Thursday. I was able to take it to a friend that was able to bring it back to the living, albeit on life support, but it should get me through until the laptop gets here (hopefully after Thanksgiving). We took the time during which the PC was visiting our Computer Doctor to move the gigantic computer desk and paint the last room. We were able to finish. We were so busy and I was actually able to get a night out with the girls (my first since September! YIKES). I went and visited Stephanie over at
Fringe Cafe on Friday to get the yarn for Lucie, that I'm making for my grandmother for Christmas. After making her head spin for awhile, yardage was totally off, we decided on some gorgeous Alpaca with blue and pink jewel tones. So I decided to participate in NaKniSweMo
not because I need yet another thing to do, but I'm doing the sweater anyway as it's for her Christmas gift and if I don't knit any other gifts, this is the one that needs to be done as she will appreciate it the very most and loves my knitting.
On other knitting fronts, the Soaring Eagles Project is in full swing. We almost have 50 hats, much less than the needed amount, however, I'm optimistic and not ready to get all that freaked out yet. If you would like to participate or want to spread the word, or both, just let me know!
I'm trying to knit as many as I can in between everything else.

As far as the digicam status report. The helpful people at Radio Shack were able to tell me that it needed a new battery. However, they didn't have those, so I'm supposed to receive it to my house sometime today or tomorrow. Hopefully that will work, or else I'll have to suck it up and get a new one which is ridiculous as I've only had this digicam for a year.

I did finish the 3xs chic sweater for my sister in law, it's just waiting patiently to be blocked and the sewn.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Hi to anyone who is still out there! I'm just going to make this rather brief! I have nothing to blog about. I'm knitting feverishly, holiday knitting, hats for the Soaring Eagles Project, as well as working the email, blog and just trying to get it all situated! Also, dealing with a new puppy, wildly beautiful children (mine and my students) as well as a husband that doesn't understand that I am neither his maid NOR his mother! LOL.

In lieu of blogging here for a while I will also be casting on a few scarves for Norma and her Red Scarf Project as well as baby and toddler things for Cathy that are going to India and Rabbitch with her homeless hat project! I know there are several out the that I don't know about, but I think I'm busy enough with the ones that I do!

Digicam needs a new battery, other one ended up fried! Hopefully it'll be back up by next week sometimes.

I'llbe back soon! ((MWAH))