Sunday, October 21, 2007

What I did on my Fall Break from school...

Fall break started on Wednesday. On Tuesday night we got a jump start when I took Nan to her soccer practice. I'd love to say that she was busy scoring an awesome goal, or working a highly skilled defensive move, however.....she was trying to stand on top of a soccer ball, slipped fell and well....the rest is history. She hyperextended her right elbow. She has a radial growth plate fracture. We had a bet on how long it would take her to use it as a weapon. Sadly I won! It took her less than 30 minutes to smack her sister upside the head. 13.5 minutes to be exact!

Of course I had to end with a gratuitous dog photo.


Missy said...

Ah, kids... Love the colors on her cast though - that is cool!

Working Mom Knits said...

These pictures are a riot!

Yes, I will do a post re Soaring Eagles and I've already downloaded a few patterns to knit for you - though I am giving you advance warning that mittens and socks are not my most impressive fo.

ps: feel free to send your Michaela squares here if you like : )