Sunday, October 28, 2007

Actual knitting content... and Happy Halloween early....

Happy Halloween! Nan and Em going to Trunk or Treat last night at a local church.

Irish Hiking Scarf for someone special for Christmas, but can' say who at this point because she reads the blog.

Nan's hat on her Christmas List!

A hat for Em's Christmas list.

One of the two Fawkes socks for Nan's Christmas list.

Another pair of Fawkes socks for Em's Christmas (other sock in progress)


Anonymous said...

Good job on all the knits. I haven't even started thinking about holiday gift lists yet... I'll have to follow your example and get going.

Katt said...

Love the knitting..

And the Halloween costumes are gorgeous!


Elysbeth said...

Great knitting. Love the scooby costume.